Code: 19-2011.00

Description : Observe, research, and interpret astronomical phenomena to increase basic knowledge or apply such information to practical problems.

JobTitles : Professor, Astronomer, Astronomy Professor, Research Scientist, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy Professor, Scientist, Assistant Professor, Astrophysicist, Lunar and Planetary Institute Director

  • Study celestial phenomena, using a variety of ground-based and space-borne telescopes and scientific instruments.
  • Analyze research data to determine its significance, using computers.
  • Develop theories based on personal observations or on observations and theories of other astronomers.
  • Collaborate with other astronomers to carry out research projects.
  • Present research findings at scientific conferences and in papers written for scientific journals.
  • Raise funds for scientific research.
  • Measure radio, infrared, gamma, and x-ray emissions from extraterrestrial sources.
  • Teach astronomy or astrophysics.
  • Develop instrumentation and software for astronomical observation and analysis.
  • Review scientific proposals and research papers.