Nuclear Monitoring Technicians

Code: 19-4051.02

Description : Collect and test samples to monitor results of nuclear experiments and contamination of humans, facilities, and environment.

JobTitles : Health Physics Technician (HP Technician), Radiation Protection Technician (RPT), Radiation Protection Technician (RP Technician), Radiation Protection Specialist (RP Specialist), Chemistry Technician, Radiation Technician, Radiation Control Technician (Radcon Technician), Nuclear Chemistry Technician, Radiochemical Technician, Radiation / Chemistry Technician

  • Calculate safe radiation exposure times for personnel using plant contamination readings and prescribed safe levels of radiation.
  • Inform supervisors when individual exposures or area radiation levels approach maximum permissible limits.
  • Monitor personnel to determine the amounts and intensities of radiation exposure.
  • Provide initial response to abnormal events or to alarms from radiation monitoring equipment.
  • Collect samples of air, water, gases, or solids to determine radioactivity levels of contamination.
  • Instruct personnel in radiation safety procedures and demonstrate use of protective clothing and equipment.
  • Determine intensities and types of radiation in work areas, equipment, or materials, using radiation detectors or other instruments.
  • Set up equipment that automatically detects area radiation deviations and test detection equipment to ensure its accuracy.
  • Determine or recommend radioactive decontamination procedures, according to the size and nature of equipment and the degree of contamination.
  • Place radioactive waste, such as sweepings and broken sample bottles, into containers for disposal.