Remote Sensing Technicians

Code: 19-4099.03

Description : Apply remote sensing technologies to assist scientists in areas such as natural resources, urban planning, or homeland security. May prepare flight plans or sensor configurations for flight trips.

JobTitles : Aerial Photo Lab Manager Digital Imaging/CAD Tech; Aerial Sensing Equipment/Camera and Lidar/Geospatial Extraction; Compiler; Digital Cartographic Technician; Geospatial Extractor, Analysis; IP/Mosaic Technician; Meteorologist Liaison; Production Manager; Project Manager; Research Associate

  • Collect geospatial data, using technologies such as aerial photography, light and radio wave detection systems, digital satellites, or thermal energy systems.
  • Verify integrity and accuracy of data contained in remote sensing image analysis systems.
  • Integrate remotely sensed data with other geospatial data.
  • Consult with remote sensing scientists, surveyors, cartographers, or engineers to determine project needs.
  • Adjust remotely sensed images for optimum presentation by using software to select image displays, define image set categories, or choose processing routines.
  • Manipulate raw data to enhance interpretation, either on the ground or during remote sensing flights.
  • Merge scanned images or build photo mosaics of large areas, using image processing software.
  • Participate in the planning or development of mapping projects.
  • Prepare documentation or presentations, including charts, photos, or graphs.
  • Correct raw data for errors due to factors such as skew or atmospheric variation.