Nuclear Medicine Physicians

Code: 29-1069.05

Description : Diagnose and treat diseases using radioactive materials and techniques. May monitor radionuclide preparation, administration, and disposition.

JobTitles : Director of Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Medicine Medical Director, Nuclear Medicine Physician, Physician, Professor of Radiology, Assistant Professor of Radiology

  • Prescribe radionuclides and dosages to be administered to individual patients.
  • Check and approve the quality of diagnostic images before patients are discharged.
  • Prepare comprehensive interpretive reports of findings.
  • Interpret imaging data and confer with other medical specialists to formulate diagnoses.
  • Determine appropriate tests or protocols based on patients' needs or conditions.
  • Compare nuclear medicine procedures with other types of procedures such as computed tomography, ultrasonography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and angiography.
  • Consult with patients following radiation treatments to provide information and assess outcomes or to recommend further consultation or treatments as appropriate.
  • Review procedure requests and patients' medical histories to determine applicability of procedures and radioisotopes to be used.
  • Direct nuclear medicine technologists or technicians regarding desired dosages, techniques, positions, and projections.
  • Establish and enforce radiation protection standards for patients and staff.