Roof Bolters, Mining

Code: 47-5061.00

Description : Operate machinery to install roof support bolts in underground mine.

JobTitles : Roof Bolter, Roof Bolter Operator, Inby (Roof Bolter), Underground Coal Miner (Roof Bolter), Underground Roof Bolter, Bolt Machine Operator, Bolt Man

  • Drill bolt holes into roofs at specified distances from ribs or adjacent bolts.
  • Force bolts into holes, using hydraulic mechanisms of self-propelled bolting machines.
  • Remove drill bits from chucks after drilling holes and insert bolts into chucks.
  • Test bolts for specified tension, using torque wrenches.
  • Position safety jacks to support underground mine roofs until bolts can be installed.
  • Position bolting machines, and insert drill bits into chucks.
  • Rotate chucks to turn bolts and open expansion heads against rock formations.
  • Install truss bolts traversing entire ceiling spans.
  • Tighten ends of anchored truss bolts, using turnbuckles.