Wellhead Pumpers

Code: 53-7073.00

Description : Operate power pumps and auxiliary equipment to produce flow of oil or gas from wells in oil field.

JobTitles : Pumper, Lease Operator, Well Tender, Operations Technician, Wellhead Pumper, Oilfield Plant and Field Operator, Production Operator, Multi-Skilled Operator, Well Head Pumper, Gauger

  • Monitor control panels during pumping operations to ensure that materials are being pumped at the correct pressure, density, rate, and concentration.
  • Operate engines and pumps to shut off wells according to production schedules, and to switch flow of oil into storage tanks.
  • Perform routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment.
  • Repair gas and oil meters and gauges.
  • Unload and assemble pipes and pumping equipment, using hand tools.
  • Attach pumps and hoses to wellheads.
  • Start compressor engines and divert oil from storage tanks into compressor units and auxiliary equipment to recover natural gas from oil.
  • Open valves to return compressed gas to bottoms of specified wells to repressurize them and force oil to surface.
  • Supervise oil pumpers and other workers engaged in producing oil from wells.
  • Drive trucks to transport high-pressure pumping equipment, and chemicals, fluids, or gases to be pumped into wells.