ARTISTIC occupational personality types are the most creative of all the types and tend to focus on self-expression through various forms/mediums: images, materials, music, words, movement, as well as systems and programs. They are able to see possibilities in various settings and are not afraid to experiment with their ideas. They like variety and tend to feel cramped in structured situations.

The artistic personality has a high interest in being creative using physical, verbal or human materials often within the areas of music, art and writing.  Overall, this area involves people who like to be creative seeing possibilities in a various settings.  They are not afraid to try new ideas and they like variety.

Sample career areas:  music, art, writing, and drama

Sample volunteer activities:  using drama or music in worship or evangelism; writing press releases, articles, curriculum for church or nonprofit organization; using arts and crafts as outreach event; conducting camp to develop artistic abilities of youth; composing and writing music; decorating a home or office; playing a musical instrument; creating artwork

Problem Solving:  They like to solve problems independently using their intuition and creativity.

Working Environment:  They like working environments that are unstructured, flexible, artistic and that allow for self-expression.

Keyword:  Creative