Career Coaches and Counselors


Help your clients with a unique, low-cost assessment of their transferable, personal and content skills. You can then use the Career Fit assessment system to guide them in exploring careers, making career decisions and conducting a successful job search.

Unlike other transferable card sorts, the Career Fit Test*, after helping your clients to assess their most enjoyed transferable skills, will produce a three letter Holland code allowing them to explore jobs that fit their skills.

After your clients have obtain their results, they can also take additional actions steps to:

-determine their most enjoyed and most marketable skills and strengths;

-understand their “killer” skills (skills that they are proficient in but dislike using);

-assess their personal and content skills to obtain a complete picture of their strengths;

-explore and reality test the occupations that best fit their skills;

-learn how to make career decisions that engage their best skills;

-use their identified transferable, personal and content skills to develop the big six marketing tools (targeted resume, cover letter, strength summary, LinkedIn, direct employer contact letter and personal contact cover letter).

-prove that they are the person to hire by utilizing the best job search strategies for today’s job market.

The Career Fit Test and career development system can complement any other standardized career assessments that you use with your clients. It is also great to use in one-on-one career coaching as well as group seminars and workshops.

Here is the link to have your clients learn more and take the Career Fit Test (

If you need pricing for over 50 uses or more a year, please contact us.

*(Note: The Career Fit Test is more accurately an assessment because there are no right or wrong answers. The word “test” is used because most people are more familiar with searching for a career test versus a career assessment.)