Career Tests (2023) – 25 of the Best-Known Career Aptitude Tests

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Introduction reports, “Only 20% of Americans describe themselves as being truly passionate about their work.” This leaves 80% of workers who are not engaged or passionate about their work. The good news is there are career tests that can help people discover the occupations that would best fit their personality, interests, values, and skills.  The best career assessment results help people find work that fits them – work they can be passionate about.

When those who desire to know what kind of work would best fit them, they often Google keywords such as “career tests,” “career aptitude tests,” “career assessments,” “personality assessments,” and “career interest inventories.”  The results from these searches provide many career tests.  Unfortunately, the results do not tell you which career assessments would be best for you to complete.

While career tests can offer valuable guidance and suggestions, they should not solely determine one’s career choice.  They serve as a starting point for self-reflection and function best when complemented by additional research, career counseling, and real-world experiences to make well-informed decisions.

This article will describe and review the 25 best-known career tests for 2023.  Whether you are a recent graduate, considering a career change, or simply seeking guidance, many of these career tests can offer valuable information to assist you in finding work you love.

25 Best Career Tests, Personality Assessments, and Aptitude Tests

 1.  A one-of-a-kind online platform that offers a comprehensive career assessment designed to help individuals identify suitable career paths based on their skills (transferable, personal, and content skills), interests, and personality traits. The website provides a user-friendly interface where individuals can take the assessment and receive career recommendations.

The assessment begins by gathering information about an individual’s skills, interests, and personality.

Once the assessment is completed, generates a Holland theory-based type code with a list of recommended careers. The report provides detailed information about each suggested career, including job descriptions, required skills and qualifications, average salaries, and potential career paths. This allows individuals to explore and gain insights into various career options and make informed decisions.

While many career tests provide suggested careers, takes the user through all critical aspects of career planning, including career “reality” testing, making wise decisions, developing a mission statement, and planning for career success. also includes a CFT Skills Map that organizes the user’s transferable, personal, and content skills.  The user’s CFT Skills Map is used in career exploration, decision making, and writing the big six job search marketing tools, including a targeted resume, cover letters for the advertised and “hidden” job market, LinkedIn, and a Strength Summary.  The CFT Skills Map can also be used to answer interview questions that showcase the user’s strengths.

Overall, aims to empower individuals by providing valuable insights and recommendations to make informed decisions about their career paths. Also, goes further to use the results in the critical steps of planning and job search.

This assessment is used by career coaches, career counselors, university career center directors, and by individuals.

Take the assessment for free with the option to purchase the expanded premium upgrade ($19.95).

2.  Strong Interest Inventory:  This is one of the best-standardized career assessments for identifying occupations matching your interests and motivations. The Strong Interest Inventory measures an individual’s interests across various domains, such as art, science, social sciences, business, and more. By evaluating an individual’s preferences, this test provides insights into suitable industries and occupations, helping them explore career paths that align with their interests and motivations.

The Strong Interest Inventory can be taken by working with a certified career counselor or coach. The fees are set by career centers or career counselors who offer this assessment. You can learn more about completing this career assessment and others at

3.  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a well-established career test categorizing individuals into 16 personality types. It helps individuals understand their preferences, such as introversion or extraversion, thinking or feeling, intuition or sensing, and judging or perceiving. By understanding their personality type, individuals can explore career paths that align with their strengths and preferences. While the Myers-Briggs is not a career assessment, career counselors and career coaches use it to help clients identify strengths and weaknesses and working environments that best fit their personality preferences. There are several versions of the official MBTI.

While there are free versions of the MBTI online, to take one of the official versions of the MBTI, you will need to visit a college career center that offers this tool or work with a certified career counselor who offers the MBTI. Along with the Strong Interest Inventory, we offer the MBTI.  Learn more.

In our work as National Certified Career Counselors for over 30 years, we highly recommend using the three assessments above –, Strong Interest Inventory, and MBTI. The other assessments below can add to your self-knowledge, which is always helpful in career development and job search activities. The descriptions below can help you to explore and choose the ones that will best assist you.

4.  VIA Character Strengths:  The VIA Character Strengths test identifies an individual’s character strengths and virtues. It assesses creativity, perseverance, kindness, leadership, and fairness. Understanding one’s character strengths can guide the user on how to apply these strengths in a career, leading to greater fulfillment and satisfaction.  The VIA Character Strengths test is described on their site as “the only free, scientific survey of character strengths in the world.”

5.  Big Five Personality Test:  The Big Five Personality Test evaluates an individual’s personality across five dimensions: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. This test provides insights into an individual’s personality traits and suggests career paths likely to suit their disposition. The Big Five Personality Test is a free assessment.  Learn more. 

6.  Keirsey Temperament Sorter:  The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, categorizes individuals into four temperament groups: Guardians, Artisans, Rationals, and Idealists. This test offers career recommendations tailored to each temperament group, helping individuals identify work environments and roles that align with their temperament and preferences. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is a free online tool where you may determine your temperament style with slightly different descriptions than the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

7.  Career Values Assessment:  The Career Values Assessment helps individuals identify their core values and align them with potential career choices. By understanding their values, such as autonomy, creativity, stability, or helping others, individuals can seek careers that resonate with what is important to them, leading to greater job satisfaction. is a free career assessment that will help you to see occupations that use your top values. Also, information is included on how to use your top values in answering interview questions.

8.  Skills Matcher: also provides a skills career assessment that matches an individual’s skills with various occupations. By evaluating their abilities in areas such as communication, problem-solving, technical skills, and more, this test provides a list of professions that align with their skill set, helping them explore compatible career options. You can take this free assessment here.

9,  CareerExplorer:  The CareerExplorer Test offers a comprehensive career assessment that evaluates an individual’s interests, values, personality, and skills. It generates a detailed career report that provides insights into their unique traits and recommends suitable career paths based on the assessment results. It is free to take; however, there is a fee for the full report. You can learn more here.

10.  16 Personalities:  16Personalities categorizes individuals into 16 different personality types, similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This test offers detailed descriptions of each personality type and provides career suggestions tailored to each type, helping individuals explore careers that resonate with their personality traits and preferences. The 16Personalities assessment is free, and they offer $19 guides for each of the 16 types.

11.  MAPP Career Assessment:  The MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Career Assessment evaluates an individual’s interests, motivations, and work preferences. It provides insights into their work style and recommends careers that align with their strengths and values, assisting them in finding fulfilling and rewarding career paths. You can take it for free; however, you receive limited results. At a fee of $89.95 for the full report, the MAPP Career Assessment is priced relatively high compared to other fee-based career assessments.

12.  iPersonic Career Test:  iPersonic assesses an individual’s personality traits and offers career recommendations that match their strengths and preferences. It provides insights into their work preferences, communication style, and ideal work environments, helping them discover careers that align with their unique personality profile. You can take the iPersonic Career Test for free in as little as three minutes; however, there is a fee for obtaining the report for your personality type.

13. offers a range of career tests, including personality, interest, and values assessments. These assessments provide comprehensive insights into an individual’s personality traits, interests, and values, generating a list of suitable career options for further exploration. The fees range from free to take the values inventory to $9.95 for their career interest inventory and personality assessment.  Learn more.

14.  Princeton Review Career Quiz:  The Princeton Review Career Quiz is a short career quiz presenting questions to evaluate an individual’s interests, skills, and values. Based on their responses, it offers career suggestions that match their profile, helping them narrow down potential career paths. While free, it provides limited information. You can check it out here.

15.  CareerFitter: CareerFitter assesses an individual’s personality traits, interests, and work preferences. It provides a list of careers that align with their unique profile, considering factors such as work environment, job responsibilities, and required skills. You can complete the CareerFitter assessment for free; however, the more comprehensive results will cost you $39.95.

16.  JobQuiz: JobQuiz evaluates an individual’s personality, skills, and work preferences to provide personalized career recommendations. It offers resources and information to guide their decision-making process, helping them explore careers that align with their strengths and interests.  JobQuiz takes a few minutes to complete and costs $9.99 for a full report.

17.  Open Psychometrics:  Open Psychometrics features a collection of various career tests, including numerical reasoning, inductive reasoning, critical reasoning, and others. This website describes the site as a “collaborative project created by psychology postgraduates from universities across the UK.” All of the assessments are free to complete.

18.  O*NET Interest Profiler:  The O*NET Interest Profiler helps users identify their interests and then links to occupations that fit them. While it is free to use this career assessment, the results do not necessarily help make career decisions or conduct a job search.

19.  123 Career Test: This short 15-item interest assessment uses pictures of people on the job and asks the users to choose their preferred work activities. The answers go into identifying a Holland personality code along with suggested occupations. The 123 Career Test is a free career assessment.

20.  Truity Career Personality Profiler: This free career assessment focuses on personality factors and careers related to a user’s personality preferences. The Career Personality Profiler uses Holland’s personality theory and the Big Five personality system.

21.  CareerKey: Career Key is a career test that assesses your interests and personality preferences. The results allow the user to explore careers that fit your results. The fee for completing the career test is $14.98.

22.  Skill Scan: Skill Scan is an online card sort used to identify transferable skills and apply the results to career planning, career change, professional development, and job search activities. While it is crucial to determine one’s transferable skills, it is equally important to identify the other two skill groups – personal skills (aspects of one’s personality) and content skills (knowledge that is of interest).  is a better assessment choice as it allows the user to use all three skill groups to find the right careers to explore and uses this content in decision-making and job search activities.

Additional Assessments:  Other assessments that are well known include Enneagram, CliftonStrengths, and DISC Personality Test. While these assessments are valuable in providing information about your strengths, motivations, and personality traits, they are not career assessments.

Conclusion – Choosing the Best Career Tests

Most career tests described above assess various aspects of an individual’s personality, interests, values, and skills, providing insights and recommendations for suitable career paths. The assessments at Open Psychometrics are the only ones that are truly aptitude tests, as the tests have right and wrong answers. While aptitude tests can assist a person in knowing what some of their natural strengths are, they do not help a person to see how their interests, motivations, and personality match up with different occupations.

The career tests recommended for finding work that is the right fit include the top three career tests, Strong Interest Inventory, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. As described above, can be taken at any time, while a certified career counselor must administer and debrief the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

While the best career tests provide invaluable assistance in career decision-making and job search activities, engaging in networking, informational interviews, and a strategic job search can be equally crucial to obtaining work you love to do. can guide you through these steps.

Ultimately, finding work you love is a dynamic process that requires self-reflection, exploration, and the willingness to do the work needed to align your career with your interests, personality, and strengths.