conventional accountingConventional personalities enjoy activities that involve precise, ordered use of data: keeping records, calculating, managing an office, organizing numerical and written data, and working with finances. They often are focused on completing tasks that have been initiated by others. They are responsible, dependable, follow the rules and function best when they know what is expected of them.

Sample career areas: financial, computer-related, and clerical

Some of the activities they enjoy include: organizing people, events, data and information; managing an office; record keeping; producing business reports; collecting data and making charts/graphs; organizing information using a computer; taking minutes for boards and committees; organizing church activities and events; helping others organize their homes or finances; keeping financial records for church or nonprofit organization

Working Environment: organized, structured, indoors and predictable.

Problem Solving:  They prefer to solve problems that are of a practical nature and are resolved by using a prescribed set of rules and procedures.

Keyword: Organizer