Cover Letter Format

cover letter development

Here is a format you can use for writing a successful cover letter:

Dear Mr./Ms. Employer:

Opening Paragraph: State the reason for your letter (including the job title of the position you seek, if possible), and mention how you became aware of the position and organization. Here, you should also describe your interest in working at the organization. You can learn about the pros and cons of working at a company by setting up an account at For example, you might read and share, “I was excited to read in reviews that your staff is full of extremely driven, motivated, and hard-working individuals.”

Middle Paragraph: Refer to your attached resume and highlight any facts within it that you particularly want the employer to notice (that is, items that would be good “selling points” for you in light of this specific position and organization). To showcase what you have to offer, use your Strengths Summary.

For example, someone applying for an administrative assistant position might say, “I’ve had three years of office experience. I have organized new office systems, including setting up a 20-person company on QuickBooks. I have supervised up to four workers, both permanent and temporary staff. I am proficient at using office machines, including multiple-line phone systems and copiers. I type 65 words a minute and have used many software programs daily, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and two different accounting programs over three years. Overall, I have well-rounded office skills, and supervisors have described me as conscientious, efficient, and team-oriented.”

Closing Paragraph:

  1. Request an interview appointment.
  2. Specify when you will call (“Thursday,” “next week,” or “this week,” etc.) or ask that the employer contact you if you are responding to a job posting that requests “no phone calls, to set a mutually convenient time for an appointment.
  3. Be positive in your attitude; expect an interview!

Here is an example, “I would very much like to set up a time to talk to you about your graphic design needs and how I could contribute to the success of your organization. I will call you on Thursday to see if we can arrange a mutually convenient meeting time. I look forward to talking with you!”




Phone Number

Important Tip:

  • When emailing your cover letter and resume, write your cover letter within the body of your email message. Only attach your cover letter to the email if the employer directs applicants to do so.

Here is an example of a cover letter you can use as a template.