business presentationEnterprising personalities enjoy persuading or influencing others usually in a business context. They may also have entrepreneurial and political interest. They enjoy working directly with people one-on-one or in groups. Their emphasis in working with people is to persuade them on ideas, products or services and/or leading or managing people. They are goal-oriented in producing results. They tend to have a high level of energy, are goal oriented and focus on producing results.

Sample career areas: sales, management, leadership, legal, political, and self-employment

Some of the activities they enjoy include: selling/purchasing; convincing/persuading others; giving speeches and presentations; discussing business; developing publicity materials for church or nonprofit organization; raising funds for church or nonprofit; leading a church board or committee

Problem Solving:  They like to solve problems with leadership, delegation and decision making skills.

Working Environment: They like working environments that are business oriented, entrepreneurial, competitive and focused on profits.

Keyword: Persuader