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Empower your clients or to move beyond job dissatisfaction, career confusion, and lack of meaning into work that is a calling and not just a job.

Using the Career Fit Test™ and CFT Career Mastery Program, you can help your clients find work they love.

Ideal Client Populations include:

  • Adults dissatisfied with their work;
  • Adults who are in between jobs;
  • Adults who are retired or planning for retirement;
  • And students who are deciding on a college major and career direction.

Features and Benefits of the Career Fit Test

It starts with your clients completing the 15–20 minute Career Fit Test™. The assessment will identify their skills, interests, and personality traits.  Next, the assessment will automatically summarize their strengths (transferable, personal, and content skills) into a CFT Skills Map™.

Coach your clients using their CFT Skills Map™ and bonus CFT Career Mastery Program to explore careers, make wise career decisions, set goals, and conduct a successful job search.

The Career Fit Test™ produces a three-letter Holland-type code, allowing clients to easily explore jobs that fit their skills, interests, and personality traits.  Also, the CFT Career Mastery Program, along with their CFT Skills Map™, will help you coach your clients in:

  • Targeting work that fits their skills, interests, and personality traits;
  • Producing targeted resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles;
  • Building a Strengths Summary (from their assessed transferable, personal, and content skills) that is used in networking, cover letters, and interviewing;
  • Finding jobs in the “hidden” job market where 80% are located (not on job boards);
  • Successful interviewing and salary negotiations.

The Career Fit Test™, Skills Map™, and CFT Career Mastery Program can complement any other standardized career assessments you use with your clients. It is also great for one-on-one career coaching, group seminars, and workshops.

You learn more, view a sample premium report, and complete the Career Fit Test™ to better understand the power of using this assessment with your clients.

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*(Note: The Career Fit Test™ is more accurately defined as an assessment because there are no right or wrong answers. The word “test” is used because most people are more familiar with searching for a career test versus a career assessment.)