Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

faq1-463379Why should I take the Career Fit Test?

As many as 4 out of 5 people are in the wrong jobs for their skills, causing stress, lack of motivation and purpose. The Career Fit Test is a complete system that will help you assess and match your best skills, interests and personality traits to find work that fits. Identifying your best skills and matching them to jobs is a strategic way to find work you love. Also, learn how to cut your job search time in half by using the best job search strategies. The Career Fit system can help you to find the right job faster.

How long does it take to complete?

The Career Fit Test takes about 20 minutes to complete. You will then receive your results as well as five other action steps to help you explore careers that fit your motivations; make effective career decisions; and link your skills with powerful marketing and branding strategies to help you prove that you are the person to hire.

How does it work?

The Career Fit Test is an online transferable skills card sorting assessment (using 60 skills) that will provide you with a profile of your motivated skills and a code that links you to jobs/career that fit your strengths. You will also be able to identify “killer” skills or those skills that drain you of energy. Once you have completed the assessment you will then be guided through other action steps that will help you identify personal and content skills; explore careers based on your best skills; make effective career plans; and learn how to develop a resume and other needed marketing materials that will lead you to career satisfaction and success.

How will the results help me?

Your results will help you to: clarify your motivated skills and interests through a proven assessment process; determine your most enjoyed and most marketable skills and strengths; identify careers that fits who you are; make career decisions that engage your best skills; develop short and long term career/education goals for living your calling and land a new or better job.

Do you provide assistance beyond the Career Fit Test?

Yes, there are many people who benefit from our affordable one-on-one career counseling/coaching services offered through the If you are stuck or just want more help in taking the needed steps to identify and obtain work that you would love to do we can help. The first step for learning more is to visit our career services consultation page.

How do I know that the results will be accurate?

The Career Fit Test is based on a card sorting process that has a high validity, because unlike other traditional career assessments instruments, the user is able to clearly see how their skills relate to the Holland code and can make changes to the code until they validate that it is correct.

Is this an aptitude test?

You probably completed aptitude tests in high school or in preparation for college (ACT, SAT, etc.). While aptitude tests can be helpful, the place that most people get stuck at is not knowing what they are motivated to do in a career. The Career Fit Test will help you to assess not only your highest interest skills and how they related to careers but also will allow you to self-assess your level of proficiency in using different skills.

How can the assessment help me to choose the right major?

80% percent of college freshmen say they are uncertain about their major, and 50% will change their major at least once. The Career Fit Test will show you the majors and careers that best fit your skills, personality and interests.

How do I get started?

Take advantage of the low introductory price of only $19.95. (Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find that the Career Fit Test system was not helpful just let us know and we will issue you a full refund. That is how much we believe that obtaining your results and using the steps that follow will positively impact your career and life.) Take the Career Fit Test.