microscope investigativeInvestigative personalities like to analyze, discover and understand information and the world around them.  They like activities that involve the exploration and examination of physical, biological and cultural things to understand and control them; many times this includes scientific and mathematical activities.  They are curious which can lead them to being original and creative in their thinking.  They tend to be task oriented.

Sample career areas:  science, engineering, inspection, research, technical, and computer-related. 

Sample volunteer activities:  writing computer programs; setting up or maintaining Websites of church or nonprofit organization; tutoring youth in science, math, computers; helping others understand relationship between science and Christianity; solving abstract problems; and conducting research.

Problem Solving:  They like to solve problems by analyzing, inquiring and researching.

Working Environment:  They like working environments that are project-oriented, scholarly, scientific, research oriented, and unstructured.

Keyword:  Thinker