realistic man doing roofingRealistic personalities like to work with their hands.  They can enjoy working with plants or animals; activities involving the precise, ordered use of objects, tools and machines; and/or activities involving some element of physical risk.  Outdoor work is often desirable.

Sample career areas: landscaping, gardening, horticulture, botany, farming, forestry, zoology, veterinary medicine, animal training.  Skilled trades such as electronics, carpentry, equipment operation, and construction.  Law enforcement, security, emergency response, sports

Sample activities: helping with church’s landscaping; camp settings that include activities in nature or with animals; activities that include farming, ranching, or animal husbandry; training animals for service activities; working with plants (including food- producing plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, etc.) or animals (breeding, tending, training, etc.); maintaining and repairing buildings and machines of church or nonprofit organization; new con­struction or remodeling; driving a van or bus; teaching hands- on skills to others in a ministry/service context; running audiovisual equipment at church; directing traffic and crowd control at large events; sports and outdoor activities at a camp; providing emergency medical care in disaster settings; using tool and machinery; building things

Problem Solving:  They like to solve problems that have practical solutions, are concrete and not abstract. 

Working Environment:  They like working environments that are product driven, organized, stable, outdoors and with well-defined lines of authority.

Keyword:  Doer