social  teacherThe SOCIAL occupational personality type is concerned with people and their welfare. Social types make friends easily and tend to have well developed communications skills. They enjoy working with groups or individuals, using empathy and an ability to identify and solve problems, and tend to be high achievers and good leaders.

The Social personality type has an interest in helping other people one-on-one or groups of people.  They want to help people by using empathy and by using their ability to identify and solve social welfare problems. 

Sample careers: education, ministry, social welfare, counseling, customer service

Sample volunteer activities: teaching classes at church or a nonprofit organization; hosting a neighborhood Bible study; serving in a lay counseling ministry; participating in medical ministry; facilitating small group or social activities.  In general they enjoy activities that allow them to inform, train, develop, encourage, cure, educate or in some other way help people in a direct way.

Problem Solving: They like to approach and deal with problems through understanding feelings and the use of empathy.  They also tend to like a flexible approach to solving problems.

Working Environment:

They like working environments that are supportive, collaborative, helping oriented, collaborative and changing.

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