Career Coaching

career-counseling-helping-to-put-the-pieces-togetherMany people have found that working with a career coach is the key factor in “putting the pieces together” and achieving career success.  A National Certified Career Counselor provides expertise, support, structure, and accountability when you need it.  Making a career change or job searching can be daunting.  Our insecurities and fears tend to rear their heads; our comfort zone tries to entice us to stay put; our friends and family may give discouraging or faulty advice.  Working with a professional career counselor you trust, who has your best interest and goals in mind, can help you move forward to achieve your goals despite internal and external challenges.

Learn more, and if you are interested in career coaching, schedule a career services consultation.  (Please note that while our National Certified Career Counselors can deal with faith-based issues, they also work with clients who do not have a particular faith background.)

While the Career Fit Test is a very effective career development tool, we have found that, after over 30 years of providing career service, many people benefit from individual career coaching assistance in choosing or changing careers.

The offers affordable* one-on-one career counseling/coaching services to help you discover and obtain meaningful, fulfilling work that fits your design.  We work with people of all faiths and backgrounds.  Professional career services can help you to:

  • Clarify your design through professional career testing;
    Identify the work you were designed to do;
  • Develop short- and long-term career goals for living your calling;
    Land a new or better job;
  • Negotiate a salary that represents the true value you bring to a job;
  • Gain the competitive edge with a high-impact resume and other marketing materials and strategies;
  • Prove that you are the person to hire by utilizing the best job search strategies for today’s job market.

If you want to explore how professional career coaching/counseling and testing can benefit you, we invite you to learn more and schedule a career services consultation.

*Career counseling, professional testing packages, and resume writing services range from $159 to $1795.  We also offer monthly payment plans for programs, which can be as low as $130 per month.  Please Note: For many people, services are tax deductible under career development and job search activities.  (Check with the IRS or your tax advisor for appropriate categories.)