The Best Job Search Websites

advertised jobs

As previously discussed, approximately 20% of jobs are advertised online.  Eighty percent of jobs are filled in the “hidden” job market through networking, referrals, and contacting employers directly.  Thus, while spending a high percentage of your job search (at least 60%) finding jobs in the “hidden” job market is suggested, it is also wise to spend a smaller percentage of your time (at least 20%) finding the advertised job market. 

The advertised job market includes online job boards.  Besides searching for jobs at these sites, you can typically set up “job alerts” with keywords related to your job target.  This provides you with a passive way to find job openings of interest.  Many of the sites below will also allow you to post your resume for employers to find.

Top Job Boards Organized By Categories

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Top General Job Boards

Part-Time/Seasonal Jobs

Technology Jobs

Artificial Intelligence Matched Jobs

High-Income Jobs

Remote and Flexible Jobs

Recent Graduates and College Internships

Government Jobs

Non-Profit Jobs

Christian, Ministry, and Church Jobs

Christian School Jobs

Over Fifty Jobs

Professional Association Job Boards

School Jobs

Top General Job Boards

Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs leverages Google’s powerful search capabilities to aggregate job listings from various websites. It simplifies the job search process by presenting relevant results directly within Google’s search results, streamlining the application process for users.  To use Google for Jobs, open a Google search and type in the job title of interest plus “jobs.”  For example, “High school math teacher jobs.”


Indeed is a comprehensive job search engine aggregating job listings from various sources, making it one of the largest platforms for job seekers. It covers various industries and offers user-friendly features like customizable job alerts and resume posting.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and robust job board. Job seekers can search for positions and build and showcase their professional profiles. It provides a unique opportunity to connect directly with employers and recruiters professionally.


ZipRecruiter is known for its user-friendly interface and quick application process. It simplifies the job search by matching candidates with suitable opportunities based on their profiles. It caters to various job types and industries, making it a versatile platform for job seekers.


CareerBuilder is a longstanding job board that offers a variety of job listings and resources for job seekers. It provides tools for resume building, career advice, and personalized job recommendations, making it a comprehensive platform for employment seekers.


Monster is a well-established job board that covers a broad spectrum of industries and job types. It features a robust resume database, career advice, and tools to help job seekers improve their chances of finding the right job.

The Muse

The Muse is a platform that features job listings and provides insights into company culture. Job seekers can explore employers’ profiles, read employee testimonials, and access career advice to make informed decisions. is a global job search platform that aggregates job listings from various sources. It provides a straightforward interface for job seekers to explore opportunities across different industries and geographic locations.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook’s job section allows businesses to post job openings on their company pages. It offers a social approach to job hunting, where users can discover opportunities within their network or through businesses they follow.


Nexxt is a platform that connects job seekers with employers through targeted recruitment marketing. It focuses on personalized job matching and provides tools for active and passive job seekers.


CareerBliss features job listings, company reviews, and salary information. It aims to provide a holistic view of potential employers, helping job seekers make informed career choices.


Cleverism is a platform that offers a combination of job listings, career advice, and professional development resources. It aims to empower job seekers with the tools they need to navigate their careers successfully.


TheJobNetwork is a platform that partners with local media outlets to provide a broad range of job listings. It offers a regional focus, helping job seekers find opportunities in specific locations.


Adzuna is a job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources. It provides a user-friendly interface and features like salary estimates and market trends to help job seekers make informed decisions.


Juju is a job search engine aggregating job listings from various sources, making it a comprehensive platform for job seekers. It provides a simple interface for searching and applying to various positions.

Craigslist – Jobs

Craigslist is a classified advertisement website with a jobs section. It’s a diverse platform where employers can post various job opportunities, from entry-level to specialized roles. However, be very careful of scams on Craigslist.


Geebo is a classified ads website that includes a jobs section. It covers various job types and industries, providing a platform for employers and job seekers in different markets.  As with Craigslist, be careful of scams.


Careerjet is a job search engine that aggregates job listings from various websites. It offers a simple and efficient interface for job seekers to explore opportunities in different industries and geographic locations.


LinkUp is a job search engine that aggregates job listings exclusively from employer websites. It aims to provide users with fresh and reliable job opportunities by directly sourcing from company career pages. Its focus on verified listings ensures job seekers can access current and genuine openings directly from the source. This site may find jobs you would have missed otherwise.


Glassdoor is known for company reviews and salary information, providing job seekers insights into company culture. It also serves as a job board featuring many job listings. Users can access valuable company information, read employee reviews, and gain insights into salary expectations.


SimplyHired is a job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources. It provides a straightforward interface for users to search for various job opportunities. SimplyHired also offers tools for personalized job alerts and career resources.

Part-Time/Seasonal Jobs


Snagajob specializes in hourly and part-time job listings, particularly retail, hospitality, and service industries. It caters to those seeking flexible work arrangements and provides a straightforward platform for employers and job seekers in the hourly job market.

Technology Jobs


Dice is a specialized job board for technology and engineering professionals. It features various tech-related positions, including software development, IT, and engineering roles.

Mashable Jobs

Mashable, known for its focus on tech and digital culture, has a job board that features opportunities in the tech and creative industries. It’s a platform where job seekers can find positions related to digital media, technology, and innovation.

Artificial Intelligence Matched Jobs


Lensa is a job search platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to match job seekers with relevant opportunities. It focuses on personalized job recommendations and provides insights into company culture to help users find the right fit.

High-Income Jobs


Ladders is a job board for professionals seeking mid- to senior-level positions. It focuses on high-paying jobs and offers tools to enhance career development, such as resume reviews and career coaching.

Remote and Flexible Jobs

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a job board dedicated to remote job opportunities. It caters to individuals seeking remote work across various industries and provides a curated list of telecommuting positions.


FlexJobs specializes in remote and flexible job opportunities. It caters to individuals seeking work-from-home, part-time, or freelance positions, offering a curated list of opportunities to match different lifestyle needs.

Recent Graduates and College Internships

College Recruiter

College Recruiter is a job board for recent graduates and students seeking internships. It connects employers with entry-level talent and provides resources for career development.


Handshake is a platform that connects college students and recent graduates with employers. It focuses on entry-level positions, internships, and career development opportunities, providing a bridge between education and the workforce.  This is only available if a college that you attended has a subscription. is a platform that connects students and young professionals with internship opportunities. It provides a comprehensive database of internships across various industries and geographic locations, allowing users to search for and apply to internships that align with their career goals.

Government Jobs


USAJOBS is the official job site for the U.S. federal government. It provides a centralized platform for individuals seeking employment with various federal agencies. USAJOBS offers various positions across different fields, including healthcare, engineering, administration, and more. The platform allows users to create profiles, upload resumes, and apply for federal government positions.


ClearanceJobs is a job board specializing in opportunities that require security clearances. It caters to individuals with government and defense-related skills and backgrounds.

Non-Profit Jobs


Idealist is a platform that connects individuals with opportunities to make a positive impact. It provides listings for volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs, internships, and organizations dedicated to social change. Idealism aims to facilitate connections between people and organizations striving to improve the world.

Nonprofit Jobs

Nonprofit Jobs is a national database that compiles job openings within the nonprofit sector. It serves as a centralized resource for individuals seeking employment in nonprofit organizations, offering various positions across various fields.

Work for Good

Work for Good is a nonprofit job search resource center that connects individuals with job opportunities in the nonprofit sector. It aims to bridge the gap between job seekers and organizations, making a positive social impact. Work for Good focuses on promoting meaningful careers in the nonprofit world.

SNPO – Nonprofit Careers

The Society for Nonprofit Organizations (SNPO) provides a platform for nonprofit careers. Their Nonprofit Careers section offers job listings and resources for individuals looking to work in the nonprofit sector. SNPO aims to support the growth and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations and professionals.

Christian, Ministry, and Church Jobs

Church Staffing

Church Staffing is a platform dedicated to connecting churches with potential staff members. It features a wide range of job listings in various roles within churches, including pastoral, ministry, and administrative positions.

Christian Jobs

Database of jobs for Christian employment.

Christian Career Center

Large database of jobs from Christian organizations and those seeking to hire Christian men and women. It also includes career advice and other resources.

Church Jobs Online

A division of, provides a simple and effective way for churches to find quality church staff and for pastors and other church professionals to find new ministry positions.

Christian Job Fair

Christian employment and ministry opportunities with Christian organizations, ministries, schools, churches, and camps. Also, find work-at-home and self-employment opportunities.


JustChurchJobs is a platform focused on church job listings. It provides a place for churches to post job openings and for individuals seeking positions in various church-related roles to find opportunities.

The Gospel Coalition Jobs

The Gospel Coalition Jobs section features job opportunities in various Christian ministries and organizations. It covers a range of roles within the Christian community, including pastoral positions and ministry roles.

Church Jobs

Online church job search website for church jobs, pastor jobs, youth, children’s minister, chaplain, and ministry jobs.

Youth Specialties Job Bank

Large listing of youth pastor/minister openings.

Christian School Jobs


Large database of U.S. teaching jobs.

Christian Schools International

Online job database for teaching and education administration positions in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.

CCCU Job Bank

Jobs in Christian higher education.

Over Fifty Jobs

AARP Job Search

AARP, a leading organization for individuals aged 50 and older, provides a job search platform tailored to the needs and interests of experienced workers. The platform offers job listings, career resources, and information to help individuals navigate the job market during various stages of their careers.


RetiredBrains is a website catering to retirees and individuals approaching retirement. It provides resources, information, and job opportunities tailored to the needs and interests of retirees seeking part-time work, consulting roles, or volunteer opportunities.

Professional Association Job Boards

[Google: The job title + professional association such as Public Relations Associations or Librarian Associations.  Most associations will have a job board.  Also, associations are a great place to network.]


Public Relations Association of America Job Center

PRSA’s job board features opportunities in public relations. It provides a platform for PR professionals to find job listings and career resources.


ALA’s JobLIST is a job board for library and information science professionals. It features job opportunities in libraries across various roles and specialties.

School Jobs


K12JobSpot is a platform that helps educators discover jobs in school districts nationwide. It features job listings in K-12 education, allowing teachers to explore opportunities in various locations. is a job board focused on education-related positions. It provides a platform for teachers to find job opportunities, connect with school districts, and explore teaching positions across different levels.


SchoolSpring is an online job search platform specifically designed for education professionals. It features job listings in K-12 education, including teaching, administrative, and support staff positions. is a job board dedicated to education professionals. It provides a platform for teachers and educators to explore job opportunities across different levels of education.


HigherEdJobs is a job board focused on positions in higher education. It features academic and administrative job listings from colleges and universities worldwide.


TopSchoolJobs is an education job board covering various positions in K-12 education. It provides a platform for educators, administrators, and other school-related professionals to find job opportunities.

Chronicle of Higher Education Jobs

The Chronicle of Higher Education Jobs is a comprehensive job board focusing on academic positions in higher education. It includes faculty, administrative, and executive positions in colleges and universities.

Next Steps

You have learned how to find jobs in the “hidden job market” and the advertised job market. To maximize your chances of finding a job in these two markets, it is critical to learn how to be strategic and organized.

According to, organized job seekers find work 70% faster. Some job seekers have better organizational skills than others, but everyone can benefit from using tools that manage the job search process.