High Schools/Colleges

college students studying-703002_1920The statistics are sobering:

Up to 80% of entering college students admit that they are not certain what they want to major in, even if they have declared a major.

Approximately 50% of all declared majors are “prematurely decided” majors, who will eventually change their minds.

50% to 70% of students change their majors at least once, most will change majors at least 3 times before they graduate.

Studies show that at least 65% of college graduates believe they picked the wrong major to study.

Many students at the high school or college level are asking themselves, “What career and/or college major should I have, choose and pursue?  The Career Fit Test and career planning process offers an affordable proven method for students to assess their strengths, explore the right careers and majors, and make successful school-to-career transitions. Early career planning increases students’ motivation, persistence as well as schools’ retention rates.

Besides assisting students with college decisions, college admissions offices can use the Career Fit Test and career planning process as a tool to:

-provide an incentive to prospective students who will be able to see how their interests and skills fit the majors that your college offers.

-offer at college fairs and high schools as a valuable offer that will connect your university with new prospective students.

-collect contact information that admissions staff can use in developing a positive relationship with those showing interest in your programs of study.

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