Job Seekers

find job keyboard-417090The Career Fit Test will equip you use your results to conduct an efficient, successful job search. You will develop effective job search tools such as your resume and cover letters, and your “strength summary” that will help you present your qualifications succinctly and effectively. You will learn the best job search strategies for your job target. This system can help you cut your job search time by 50% or more.


The Career Fit Test is a results-focused system that can help you:

1. Target the right job(s).

Employers seek candidates who know their strengths and how they can use those to meet the company needs. The Career Fit Test will help you focus on work that uses your most marketable and enjoyed skills.        

2. Develop your “big six” marketing tools.

The “big six” marketing tools are your targeted resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, strengths summary, direct employer contact letter, and personal contact letter. These six marketing tools will prepare you to conduct an effective job search.

3. Develop a job search action plan for the “hidden” job market.

While 95% of job hunters rely on the advertised job market to find employment, only 15-20% of the available jobs are represented. As you can imagine, only using the advertised job market makes the job search process slower and more frustrating. Not only is there only a small percentage of actual job openings listed, but applicants will find more intense competition because of the large number of job hunters who use the classified ads on the Internet and other sources. Some job hunters even give up their search for a particular job because they either see no openings in the classified ads for that type of work, or they get no responses to the resumes they have sent.

The majority of jobs that are available at any given time are found in the so-called “hidden” job market. The jobs are “hidden” because they are filled without employers advertising them on the Internet or in newspapers. Finding these jobs involves a more proactive and strategic approach that you will learn from completing the Career Fit Test and using the accompanying action steps.

4. Sharpen your interviewing skills.

The purpose of the big six marketing tools is to get you an interview. An interview is defined as any time you are talking by phone or in person with the person who has the power to hire you (or at least influence the person who has the power to hire you). The Career Fit system will help you to uncover what employers really want in the person they hire so that you can effectively address their needs and concerns and interview with confidence.

5. Negotiate effectively for the salary you deserve.

Good negotiation skills can produce thousands of dollars of extra income for you annually! The Career Fit Test will help you to discover what you should be paid before you negotiate your salary. You will also learn how to answer questions about your salary history and salary requirements with skill and confidence which with maximize your ability to negotiate the best possible salary.

Pricing: Take advantage of the low introductory price of only $19.95. (Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find that the Career Fit Test system was not helpful just let us know and we will issue you a full refund. That is how much we believe that obtaining your results and using the steps that follow will positively impact your career and life.)