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parents and studentsDid you know?

Up to 80% of entering college students admit that they are not certain what they want to major in, even if they have declared a major.

Approximately 50% of all declared majors are “prematurely decided” majors, who will eventually change their minds.

50% to 70% of students change their majors at least once, most will change majors at least 3 times before they graduate.

Studies show that at least 65% of college graduates believe they picked the wrong major to study.

If they could start over [in choosing their career], 69% of workers say that they would get more information than they did the first time when making their career choice.

Less than 39% of workers under the age of 25 are satisfied with their employment situation.

All of these statistics point out the importance of intentional career testing and planning. Instead, many students in our country don’t actually make career decisions. Instead, they let circumstances or people that they know make the decisions for them. For example, Beth’s dad thinks that she should become a nurse because it will be a secure job area where she can make a decent salary. Since Beth doesn’t know what she should do, she goes ahead and declares nursing as her major. Later in her junior year while doing some field work as a nurse, she determines that she doesn’t really like nursing and now feels stuck.

Many high school and college students have limited vision about the career options that are “out there” in the world of work. They may know what their parents and relatives do for work, and they may have been exposed to a few other jobs through the media. There are, however, literally thousands of jobs they most likely will not encounter in their everyday lives. As parents, there are things you can do for your high school/college age students that will help them make good career and college major choices. You are gambling with your son or daughter’s future if you are relying on their schools to give career direction, or assuming they will somehow “figure it out” when they get older.

Learning how to make good career and college major decisions involves actions steps that include assessing your gifts and abilities; exploring the right career options; learning decision making strategies and establishing action plans for meeting your goals. The good news is the Career Fit Test is an affordable way to help your high school or college age student to discover the work they are designed to do: meaningful, energizing work that uses their top skills and interests.

Research shows that parents have a great influence on their children’s career choices. Our children are most affected by what they see us doing with our own lives. Also, we can only guide our children as far as we have gone ourselves. If you have struggled with your own career path, you still can be a great role model and guide for your children by completing the Career Fit Test for yourself.

Each of us makes many career decisions throughout our lives. You can empower your children to make good choices by helping them understand their unique design and how it fits with interesting career and college major options. You can equip your children not only to find work they enjoy, but also to make a difference in this world.

Pricing: Take advantage of the low introductory price of only $19.95. (Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find that the Career Fit Test system was not helpful just let us know and we will issue you a full refund. That is how much we believe that obtaining your results and using the steps that follow will positively impact your career and life.)