About The Career Fit Test


Are you:

-Dissatisfied with your work and looking for the right job fit?

-Successful in your work, but seeking more meaning and significance?

-Unemployed and needing help with your job search?

-Needing to make an initial college major and career decision?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the new Career Fit Test can help you! The Career Fit Test is a unique, easy-to-use and enjoyable assessment system that will help you reach your career potential. The Career Fit Test is an online card sort process that will define your top motivated transferable skills and identify your three-letter interest “theme code,” and then will guide you in linking your top skills to careers that fit your interests and motivations.

The Career Fit Test also helps you use your assessment results to reality-test career options, make great career decisions, and conduct a successful job search. It was developed by Kevin Brennfleck and Kay Marie Brennfleck who are National Certified Career Counselors with many years of successful experience helping men and women find work they love to do. The Career Fit Test is a proven assessment and career planning process that will help you find the work YOU were designed to do!

Here are just some of the benefits you can experience with the Career Fit Test assessment system:

  • Determine your most-enjoyed and most-marketable skills and strengths;

  • Learn which energy-draining “killer skills” you should avoid using even if you are really good at them;

  • Receive your personal three-letter “interest theme code” based on your favorite skills;

  • Link your interest theme code to job titles that fit your motivations;

  • Learn how to choose a career that engages your best skills;

  • Identify college majors and educational opportunities that fit your interest theme code;

  • Take the guesswork out of making career decisions by using your theme code and top skills with effective decision-making strategies;

  • Gain a competitive edge in today’s job market by linking your skills with powerful marketing and branding strategies. Develop powerful resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn Profile and interview responses so you can quickly prove to employers (or prospective customers) that you are the person to hire;

  • Land a new or better job;

  • Negotiate a salary that represents the true value you bring to a job.

In summary, the Career Fit Test will guide you in exploring the best careers; making effective career decisions; planning your career journey and learning how to obtain work that fits who you are.


“For the first time in my life I was able to carefully and conscientiously match my God-given talents and skills with the type of work that I can truly be passionate about. It has changed my life to where I can eagerly awake each day to begin my new life’s work.”

“I have been stumbling through the process of determining what I like, and don’t like, to do in my job. Knowing these things, and getting them organized, is the hardest part. I have completed multiple exercises on paper and the results are so difficult to decipher that I am still left wondering.  This tool simplifies the process with a few thoughtful exercises that result in seeing the top things I love to do separated from the things I don’t love, or even like to do. With the clarity found in these results I am more able to target my career choices, and even my hobbies, to those that better fit my own interests and design. Thank you!

Sample Report  

In addition to your Career Fit Test report, you will also receive written resources to:

-assess all three of your unique skill groups (transferable, personal and content skills);

-make effective career decisions based on your assessment results and your career matches;

-develop effective career plans;

-and learn how to use your assessed skills to develop the big six marketing tools.  These resources include:  The Job Search Mastery Guide; The 6 Branding & Marketing Tools that Lead to Career Success; From Interview To Job Offer:  Master the Key Interview Skills That Lead To More Job Offers and Secrets Of Salary Negotiations:  Get Paid What You Are WorthAll of these bonus materials allow you to successfully use your Career Fit Test results to find work that you love.  (The images are for illustration purposes only.  The Career Fit Test and resources are provided in an online format that is available immediately.)


3d job search mastery guide magazine3d magazine branding and marketing3d magazine salary negotiations

  • Pricing: Take advantage of the low price of only $19.95. (Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you find after working through the steps of the Career Fit Test system that it was not helpful just let us know and we will issue you a full refund. That is how much we believe that your Career Fit Test results and using the steps that follow will positively impact your career and life.)



*(Note: The Career Fit Test is more accurately an assessment because there are no right or wrong answers. The word “test” is used because most people are more familiar with searching for a career test versus a career assessment.)