Who Is It For?

The Career Fit Test is the new digital version of an assessment system, that for more than 20 years, has been successfully used by our clients of all ages for making career changes, developing in their careers, conducting successful job searches and making educational decisions related to college majors and certifications. We have also trained career counselors, colleges and other organizations to use this tool in helping those they work with to do effective career planning and job search activities. Below you can select categories and learn more about how the Career Fit Test and resources can help you.

Career Changers As many as 4 out of 5 people are in the wrong jobs for their skills, causing stress, lack of motivation and purpose. The Career Fit Test is a complete system that will help you assess and match your best skills, interests and personality traits to find work that fits.

Job Seekers Identifying your best skills and matching them to jobs is a strategic way to find work you love. Also, learn how to cut your job search time in half by using the best job search strategies. The Career Fit system can help you to find the right job faster.

Students 80% percent of college freshmen say they are uncertain about their major, and 50% will change their major at least once. The Career Fit Test matches majors and careers that best fit a student’s skills, personality and interests saving students frustration, time and money.

High Schools/Colleges Help your students assess their strengths, explore the right careers and majors, and make successful school-to-career transitions. Early career planning increases students’ motivation, persistence as well as schools’ retention rates.

Organizations Help your employees to excel in their jobs by better using their strengths and having a process for developing and planning their careers. It also can serve as a low-cost tool for helping to choose the right candidates for job openings.

Career Counselors Help your clients with a unique, low-cost assessment of their transferable, personal and content skills. You can then use the Career Fit assessment system to guide them in exploring careers, making career decisions and conducting a successful job search.