“For the first time in my life I was able to carefully and conscientiously match my God-given talents and skills with the type of work that I can truly be passionate about. It has changed my life to where I can eagerly awake each day to begin my new life’s work.”


“I have been stumbling through the process of determining what I like, and don’t like, to do in my job. Knowing these things, and getting them organized, is the hardest part. I have completed multiple exercises on paper and the results are so difficult to decipher that I am still left wondering. This tool simplifies the process with a few thoughtful exercises that result in seeing the top things I love to do separated from the things I don’t love, or even like to do. With the clarity found in these results I am more able to target my career choices, and even my hobbies, to those that better fit my own interests and design. Thank you.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed taking this assessment. Provided insightful and useful feedback.”